Walkways – Garden paths can be built with flagstone, sandstone, concrete pavers or colorful stamped concrete.  FarWest builds natural and more formal walkways for our landscape clients. We can take your existing concrete walkway and line it with a contrasting paver to add visual interest. We install outdoor ambient lighting or paver pathway lights to make your evening walk through your garden path easier.

Natural Stone Paths

A great walkway idea is to intersperse natural flagstone or sandstone with foot traffic friendly steppable plants. Woolly thyme, scotch or irish moss, elfin thyme, brass buttons or even blue star creeper will make your walkway more natural.

Concrete Walkways

FarWest constructs larger concrete slabs with contrasting pebbles in between the path for a sleek, modern walkway.

Landscape Steps

We offer large slab natural stone steps, concrete paver steps for those areas of your landscape that require a transition from high to low. FarWest installs pathway lighting that make steps much easier to navigate in low light situations.